Open-Source Pharma Longevity Prize Fund

Pilot Pay-For-Success Contract to incentivise Funding of Dr. Brad Stanfield’s Phase 2a Clinical Trial for Rapamycin and other Open Source Pharma Longevity Clinical Trials.

Crowd Funded Cures announces the Open Source Pharma Longevity Prize NFT in partnership with VitaDAO as a means to incentivize VitaDAO and other investors to fund clinical trials for improving longevity using an off-patent treatment protocol via a pilot Pay-for-Success (PFS) x IP-NFT framework.

Our Goal: Raise $1m for Longevity Research

The goal is to raise backing for a $1m+ Open Source Pharma Longevity Prize that can be used for VitaDAO to fund the remaining $400k of Dr. Stanfield’s rapamycin + exercise Phase 2a RCT as a pilot of Crowd Funded Cures Pay-for-Success (PFS) + IP-NFT framework

Generic Drug Repurposing is up to 100x Cheaper & 10x Faster

Generic drug repurposing is the lowest cost and fastest means to improve longevity but lacks private incentives to fund clinical trials because a monopoly price cannot be enforced with patents.

Clinical Trial to Test Benefits of Rapamycin

The criteria to receive the prize would be the safety of the treatment and improved strength in the primary outcome of the 30-second chair stand test1 for rapamycin + exercise vs placebo + exercise. If the primary outcome is not achieved, the prize can be used to incentivize other equivalent clinical trials to improve longevity with generic drugs.

  1. Bruun IH, Mogensen CB, Nørgaard B, Schiøttz-Christensen B, Maribo T. Validity and Responsiveness to Change of the 30-Second Chair-Stand Test in Older Adults Admitted to an Emergency Department. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2019;42(4):265-274. doi:10.1519/JPT.0000000000000166

Help Meet Our Funding Goal

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